About Us

Our Story

APRS officially got its start as Northern Michigan Paranormal Investigative Services founded by Jen, our lead investigator.

While our original group has never had much of an “online” presence, we have been actively investigating locations across northern Michigan, and select locations across the country for many years.

As our membership has fluctuated and our careers have taken us to different locations we decided to re-brand ourselves with a name and logo that no longer ties us to a specific region.

Our Approach

One of the first things that you will notice with our group is that we never get too excited or jump to conclusions during an investigation.

We approach every investigation with the philosophy that the vast majority of events have a reasonable or rational explanation.

Therefore our practice is to collect as much information and data as possible and then perform a comprehensive review and document our findings in a report.

One of our cardinal rules is that we believe it is important to rule every other possibility out before considering something to be “paranormal”.