Meet the Team

Jen Steelmon - Lead Investigator

Investigating the paranormal has been a lifelong passion of Jen's dating back to when she would investigate strange happenings on her great-grandparents farm as a girl. Now, Jen has over 20 years of experience investigating the paranormal with various groups from the mid-west and west coast.

The only thing that may rival Jen's interest in the paranormal is her interest in helping people. When not running around in the dark with her voice recorder in hand she is a volunteer fire fighter and licensed nurse who works with geriatric patients.

Jen is also highly involved in supporting animal rescues and shelters everywhere she goes. She is a loving Rescue Mom to a fierce bearded dragon and two Russian Blue feline enforcers

Jeff Steelmon - Lead Technician

Jeff is relatively new to the field of paranormal investigating, but he brings with him a wealth of technical knowledge and scientific theory to the team.

Jeff served over 10 years in the US Navy as a nuclear power plant electrical operator and training instructor. He is currently working with major electrical utilities across the country upgrading high voltage protection and control systems.

Thanks to his better half, he is now putting his talents to better use than improving upon his Xbox GamerScore.

Bill Vaillancourt - Investigator

Bill began his journey into paranormal investigating in 2005 following a series of personal paranormal encounters and experiences.

Bill refers to himself as a skeptical believer, meaning that while he believes that ghosts and spirits exist, not everything that happens is paranormal. He approaches each investigation with a healthy dose of skepticism, thoroughly examining each piece of evidence looking to disprove it.

Bill is well versed in many varieties of investigative equipment to either prove or disprove the existence of a haunting, but is careful not to fall into the trap of relying solely on equipment. Bill feels it is equally important to use natural gifts, such as empathy, to connect with spirits during the course of an investigation.